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The new Rockgardn Flak Jacket is our most revolutionary design yet, and it's all about options and a tailored fit. The design breaks down the Flak Jacket into two distinct component parts, the Flak Vest and Flak Base.

  • The Flak Vest contains all the core torso protection for the chest, sides and back. Adjustable shoulder straps allow you to position the back and chest to your exact body shape. Available in 3 sizes, defined by the length of the back protector, you can choose the 5, 6 or 7 segment sizes to best suit your torso length. The 6 and 7 segment versions include a zip-off/zip-on kidney belt for extra support. Chest protector is made from a combination of ventilated foam, ABS plastic, and thermo-plastic rubber to allow ample protection with unrestricted range of motion and includes a tube guide for the optional Rockgardn Hydropack.
  • Included harness allows the chest protector to be detached and the harness run in its place, for hot days or rides where the chest protection is deemed unnecessary.
  • Leatt and Alpinestars neck brace compatible.
  • Optional Rockgardn Hydropack can be attached.
  • The Flak Base hosts the shoulder, bicep, elbow and forearm guard protection, as well as shoulder adjustment straps. "Cheater" straps between the bicep and elbow pads allow for more exact positioning of the elbow/forearm guard protection. Thumb stirrups keep the elbow/forearm guard section from sliding up in a fall. Upper chest features a cut-in of Spandex mesh for added comfort when worn directly against the skin. Available in two sizes, S/M and L/XL.
  • Lightweight, and incredibly easy to get on and off.

    ** Currently out of 7 Segment in S/M, and all L/XL configurations**

Sizing Help

The Flak Jacket consists of two distinct parts, the Flak Base and Flak Vest. Here's how to choose your personal sizing:
Flak Base fitment:
The dividing line between S/M and X/L is a chest measurement of about 41". Measure your chest by using a tailor's tape (the soft kind), going under your armpits and over your pec muscles. If you don't have a tailor's tape, use a piece of string, then measure the string length with a conventional measuring tape.
If you're at the boundary between sizes, look at your basic body shape. If you have a very "V" shaped torso, go for the S/M. If you have a straight torso, and particularly if you have wide shoulders and/or big biceps, go with L/XL.
Flak Vest fitment:
Flak Vest sizing is based on the number of segments used in the back protector:
  • 5 Segment: Total length of 19".
  • 6 Segment: Total length of 22".
  • 7 Segment: Total length of 25".
Because of the length, the side straps act to support the kidneys on the 5 Segment version. The 6 and 7 Segment versions feature a kidney belt that can be zipped on and off.
Selecting the correct size depends on torso length and rider preference. As a rule of thumb, riders under 5'9" are best suited in the 5 Segment. Rider 5'10" to about 6'1" should go 6 Segment, and riders at or over 6'2" should go with the 7 Segment. To further validate your sizing, have a friend measure you from the base of your neck to the top of your pants, and compare it to the chart above. For proper fitment, the bottom of the back protector should overlap the top of your pants by about 1-2.5". The back protector is connected to the chest protector with adjustable straps, allowing for fine-tuning your personal fit.
Riders who like to run their jersey tucked into their pants, and want the Flak Vest to fit more in the mode of a conventional motocross roost guard, should consider selecting a size one segment shorter than normal.
Rockgardn Hydropack Rockgardn Hydropack

Tough, lightweight, minimalist design, made exclusively to attach to the Rockgardn Flak Jacket™ and Flak Vest™.

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